My story DNA Assured - The life of a fatherless child.

Growing up without a father is the worst thing that can happen to a boy. Being a child trying to grow up in this world is hard. Now try growing up with only one parent being present. As a young child you don't think much of it. You're a child not much to think about except playgrounds and maybe some toys etc…. As the child gets older he/she becomes more aware of his/her surroundings, especially friends and their families. They notice a father being actively involved in the other childrens lives. Being a boy is especially hard. Seeing your friends with their father at football practice, basketball practice or helping them with their homework makes you wonder about life. You will never know the pain of being raised without a father unless you've experienced it yourself. Our father was never there for us! He was never there for me, my brother or my sister. My sister is the oldest then my brother and I'm the youngest. From about 8 years old to about 19 years old I struggled with who is my father. It hurt to think a man gave me life but did not want me. Sometimes I would ask my brother how he felt. My brother didn't say much when we talked about it, but I knew he struggled about the topic just as I did. My sister would talk about it sometimes but at least she could talk to our mother about what it's like to be a women. As we got older, we would all learn the importance of having a father in our lives. Having the insecurities that a father is supposed to help and teach his son how to cope with such as: peer pressure, puberty, girls and many others. We were left to experience this alone.

Don't get me wrong. Our mother tried to help but she could only do and say so much. We did not have the much needed balance we all wanted. Balance is having both parents actively involved in their children's lives. No one is asking both parents to stay together if the love is gone. There are lots of parents who continue to raise their children separated or divorced. Having the love from both biological parents is balance! A child feels complete. I will never know what it's like to have the love from both of my biological parents. I now have children of my own. I've stopped the cycle I'm actively involved in both of their lives. Thanks to my children I feel complete through their eyes. My children have made me the person I am today. I've taught them how to handle their insecurities that needed to be shown to me at their age. I've taught them to stay competitive, think of others feeling, volunteer their time, put in the hard work for the things they want in life, how to handle peer pressure, the dos and don'ts of dating and always show self-respect.

Having my children is the best thing that ever happened to me. I created DNA Assured for the Children. I want all children to feel complete and have balance in their lives. Fathers stop the cycle! Get DNA Tested, Get Involved! Choose any DNA Lab you desire. Please get tested you owe it to your allege child.

To my mother and step father Mr. Ralph Torres (Pops). Thank you for showing me love and never giving up on me. Thank you pops for giving me the balance I did not receive from my own biological father. You will always be my father. I Love you!

Ray R. Casas, Owner DNA Assured
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