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Paternity Testing

Paternity Testing and DNA Testing Services

A DNA paternity test compares an alleged fathers DNA with his/her alleged child. This will determine if the alleged father is the actual biological father of the child. In a paternity test the results will either state exclusion or inclusion.

Exclusion means the alleged father is not the biological father of the child. Inclusion means the alleged father is the actual biological of the child. Not to be confused when you receive your results a technician from Assured will telephone you and give a verbal by telephone. We will inform you by simply saying "Yes", you are the father or "No", you are not the biological father. Paternity Testing and DNA Testing Austin, Texas.

A full report of your dna test can be faxed, mailed or picked-up at our office location. For your convenience an Assured technician can also review the results with you. This process can be done by telephone or in person.


Our DNA Paternity Test is 99% accurate and is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. Our Test can be used in National or International courts. Testing Procedures : DNA Samples are collected from the alleged father and the child by a Buccal Swab (buccal swab are Q-Tips). An Assured technician will gently swab the inner cheek of the alleged father and child using the buccal swab. No blood drawn or pain involved! Each tested person is done one at time. Once samples are collected from all parties samples will be sealed in separate envelopes. Each envelope is labeled with clients information. The mother does not to be present for testing. It is up to the client to inform the mother of the test. About 80% of our clients take the test without the mothers consent, as this is our most popular test.

If a mother informs a man he is the father of her child the law states he has a right to take a DNA Test without her consent. Most men only inform the mother when they've been Excluded (your not the father!), as the biological father. Our experience has been when a man receives an Inclusion (you are the father!), he never informs the mother of the test – only if needed for court purposes. At the time of testing clients will fill out a short application known as the Chain of Custody Form (CCF). This form will have all tested parties basic information such as: Name, date of birth, good contact telephone number etc. This form is required to show proof on all tested parties. Photo's will also be taking at the time of testing. We require the alleged father to have a Driver License or I.D. Card Government Issued (can be National or International). For the alleged child if you have a birth certificate or social security card is o.k., but not required. Results received in 2-5 business days.


DNA Information will only be released to those persons being tested or listed on the CCF. If you would like anyone other than yourself to know the results of your case such as: current wife, girlfriend, attorney or grandparents, their name and telephone number must be listed on the CCF Form. This is to protect everyone's privacy.

DNA Assured is a private and confidential lab, all test are scheduled by appointment only. Unable to make your appointment please inform our office at least 24 hrs in advance or a $25.00 dollar cancellation fee will be charged. To protect our clients privacy we do not accept walk-ins. We can schedule your appointment same day with a 15-20minute advance notice. Mobile service is available in the Austin area with no charge. Yes, we do hospital visits and take after hour appointments.

DNA Assured Market Analysis as of March 13, 2012
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Company Test Kind 1 Child Price 2nd Child Price
DDC (DNA Diagnostics Center) Paternity DNA Legal Test $375.00 $100.00
Pro Results Paternity DNA Legal Test $389.00 $139.00
Assured DNA Paternity DNA Legal Test $299.00 $130.00
Rapid DNA Testing Paternity DNA Legal Test $399.00 $100.00
DNA Services of America Paternity DNA Legal Test $399.00 $160.00
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