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Family Testing

Family Testing Services

Have you ever wondered about your true family genetics? If so we have the answer. Call our main number (512) 480-8378 and schedule your Family Relationship Test Today. We've helped thousands of people find out the truth:

  • 1. Grand-Parentage DNA Test: Includes Grandmother or Grandfather v. alleged grand children
  • 2. Siblingship DNA Test: Includes Brothers & Sisters, Half v. Full.
  • 3. Relationship DNA Test: Includes Aunt or Uncle v. allege Niece & Nephew.
  • 4. Y-Chromosome DNA Test: Includes brothers v. brothers or Father v. allege son or Uncle v. allege nephew (males only).

We also offer the following test call for more detailed information on any of our DNA Testing options: Ancestry DNA Testing, Mitochondrial DNA Testing and Adoption DNA Testing.

Ancestry DNA

Knowing your Heritage. At DNA Assured Americas Testing Center we can assist you in finding your roots. This test is commonly used for individuals seeking assistance from programs offered by the the United States Government. In order to qualify for these programs most of our clients have to prove they our Native American, African American or Mexican American etc. Call our Office for more details
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Grand Parentage DNA Testing

Father not around? Unable to determine if you are the grandparents of an allege child. Assured can help. In a grandparent test the allege child's DNA profile is compared with the fathers biological parents DNA. The allege child's mother is expected to participate in providing her DNA this will expedite your DNA results. Without the alleged child's mothers DNA sample the test can be still be performed except results take longer due to extensive analysis.

Attorney Consultation

Free Attorney Consultation

We provide several resources and information for our clients to better help them understand the process of dna testing and... Learn more

Take the test at home

Take the Test at Home

Order the test online and receive them in the mail. It is that easy! Simply fill out the order form...
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Fast results

Fast Results 2-5 Days

Whether you use our at home testing kits, or come into our offices, we can provide results in as little... Learn more