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Austin Prenatal DNA Paternity Test

DNA Assured, Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing - How an Austin Texas Prenatal DNA Paternity Test can help you. Prenatal DNA Paternity Test in Austin Texas, the process is easy. Call a DNA Assured representative today and schedule an appointment in your area.

We offer Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing throughout the United States. Our customers come first. We take a personal interest in your satisfaction. We’ve created low price court approved Prenatal DNA Testing for you. “Find out the Truth before the child is born, Today!”

Identifying “Who’s the Father”, before the child is born. With developing new technology, you can now find out the truth today! At DNA Assured, we are here to help you. The procedure is much easier than you think. *Unlike an amniocentesis or CVS.  In our 13 years of experience in the DNA Field, Doctors, never perform an Amniocentesis or CVS, for our clients because of the great risk to the mother and their fetus child.

Our “New Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Test”, is no risk to you or your unborn child! A simple blood drawn from the mother and a simple cheek swab from the allege father can determine who's the father before the the child is born.  At no extra cost to you two allege fathers can be tested before the DNA Prenatal Procedure is process.  After the DNA Penatal Pocedure is processed, if needing to add an additional allege father to the case, will incurr a fee of $1,250.00. 

The Discovery of fetal cells in the maternal blood, has allowed our lab to create a DNA Fetus Profile. The DNA Fetus Profile, is compared to the allege father DNA Profile and the Mother DNA Profile

Our Procedures

Call a DNA Assured, Austin Prenatal DNA Technician today, and let them answer any questions you may have. We want to make you feel comfortable about the whole process. Below our a few things you should know about Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing. “If you don’t get tested with us, please get tested somewhere, you will feel much better.  Should you have additional questions call us for more information.

Time to Test: Mother can be tested as early as 9 Weeks.
Accuracy: 99% to 99.99%, Inclusions, 100% for Exclusions
Sample for Allege fathers: Buccual Swabs (Sterilized Q-Tips).
Sample for Mother: 8-10 Small Tubes of blood, no eating or drinking 1 hour prior to testing.
Results Received: 7 – 10 business Days
Fees: $1,600 Prenatal Test. $800 Depoist Required, due once you schedule your appointment. Please note, if you cancel your appointment a fee of $150.00, will be assesed and deemed none refundable. You always have the option to pay in full the day of scheduling your appointment. If Payment plan option selected please note, payment must be made in full at least 2 days prior to test results being completed. Results 1 wk.

*Payment Plan Available: Payments can be divided into three payments. Results in 3 Weeks only!.

We are here to help you. Call and Schedule your appointment today! (512) 480-8378, (512) 228-6752 or email us

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