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Drug Testing

Hair Follicle Testing Austin Texas. Why should you consider drug testing your employees:
* 10.2 million drug abuser's are employed full or part time.
* In the workforce, drug abusers cost twice as much in medical and compensation claims.
* Drug abusers are four times more likely to injure themselves or a fellow co-worker

Family Law/ Custody of Children:

Many times in a divorce case our dirty laundry is aired in the court room. In court you may be asked to provide a Hair Follicle Sample. An Attorney may request that you provide this sample as soon as possible. If an order is signed by a judge you must do so or risk losing what your fighting for, your children!

Things you should know about Hair Follicle Testing:

* We only need 1.5 inches of hair. We offer a standard Ten Panel Drug Test

* If your given a date and time by a judge, probation officer or employer to take a Hair Follicle Test. Most orders by the above usually state that you must take the test by specified date and time, not have the results. If you don't take the test by the requested parties date and time. The requested will assume you have a substance abuse problem and may seek an order to terminate your rights.

* Anonymous Hair Follicle Testing. We offer anonymous Hair Follicle Testing, in some cases individuals do not want to use their real names on the chain of custody form. Assured submit the Chain of Custody using a anonymous name. All testing is confidential and private.

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